To provide the best construction experience while building lasting relationships.


To be the preeminent construction company in the region.

Core Values


We adhere to high moral principles by:

  • Doing the right thing, always
  • Treating others fairly and respectfully
  • Fulfilling our commitments
  • Holding ourselves accountable to the values of our company
  • Earning and maintaining the trust of others


We provide the highest level of products and services by:

  • Planning quality assurance processes
  • Performing consistent, effective and efficient work
  • Measuring and analyzing process effectiveness
  • Implementing continuous improvement
  • Equipping our associates with the necessary training and resources


We display our dedication to our clients, communities, and organization by:

  • Embodying our values
  • Achieving our shared goals
  • Following through with our promises
  • Performing our assigned duties
  • Protecting the environment

More Values


We believe that being responsible is both proactive and collaborative and is best achieved by:

  • Focusing on finding solutions & achieving results
  • Engaging in discussions and committing to decisions once they are made
  • Involving others in decisions and plans that affect them
  • Committing to the success and well-being of teammates
  • Embracing a healthy and safe work environment

We face adversity and remain strong by:

  • Treating difficult decisions and situations as opportunities for growth
  • Willing to take risks while maintaining the company core values
  • Speaking up for what is right, even when it is difficult
  • Respecting differing views even when it is uncomfortable

We strive to be an industry leader in innovation by:

  • Transcending the limits of conventional thinking
  • Respecting the opinions and perspectives of others
  • Following our passion and allowing it to unlock our full potential
  • Implementing new ideas, processes and ways we can exceed expectations

We are committed to inclusion across all levels of business by:

  • Creating an inclusive company culture that values and respects differences
  • Assuring that our workforce and management reflect the demographics of the community
  • Expanding relationships with disadvantaged, minority and women owned businesses
  • Supporting institutions and organizations that value and champion unique cultural aspects of our communities

We create an enjoyable work environment by:

  • Winning–understanding goals and meeting or exceeding them
  • Praising a job well done
  • Empowering associates with opportunities for development
  • Promoting teamwork that leads to success
  • Celebrating success together

We display contagious enthusiasm by:

  • Engaging in our work and relationships
  • Committing to our work emotionally and intellectually
  • Motivating each other through inspiration
  • Aiding others in discovering their talents
  • Pursuing a life of purpose and meaning

We build and maintain deep affiliations by:

  • Understanding that our success is based upon strong partnerships
  • Acknowledging that relationships are the foundations upon which trust is built
  • Recognizing the importance of face-to-face encounters outside of business
  • Being honest, respectful and good listeners
  • Showing our appreciation

We have an ongoing dedication to a culture that fosters a healthy and safe lifestyle by:

  • Providing training
  • Supplying the right tools, equipment and resources
  • Removing hazards through engineering, planning and technology
  • Empowering all associates to recognize and correct any unsafe activity or hazardous condition
  • Communicating and seeking associate feedback on how to improve

We work together to strengthen our company by:

  • Defining individual roles and responsibilities
  • Respecting our colleagues
  • Supporting one another to accomplish our shared goals
  • Trusting one another to do the right thing
  • Providing and accepting feedback

It’s not just a rule. We make safety a lifestyle.


Safety is a passionate conviction that all of our associates believe in. We expect everyone to go home in the same condition in which they arrived to work that day. Having concern for our employees, customers, subcontractors and public safety is something we take personally. Our safety culture radiates into everything we do from our education and training programs, proven and effective processes, and cross-level safety teams that ensure healthy checks and balances. Our award-winning focus on safety benefits our people and your project.

Community Involvement

Corna Kokosing and its team members donate their time and talents to many worthy causes. Our CK StepUp committee organizes our team member community involvement activities.

Serving Meals

Our CK team members and friends regularly take the opportunity to serve meals at the YMCA Van Buren Center.

Partnering with Students

Corna Kokosing is in our 7th year of partnering with Cristo Rey Columbus High School. Cristo Rey students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and learn different parts of the business throughout the school year. In turn, CK team members get a chance to mentor and share information about the various professions in construction.

Diggers & Dozers Day

We are a proud corporate sponsor of the Annual Diggers & Dozers Day at The Works: Ohio Center for History, Art & Technology in Newark. Children have the opportunity to touch and learn about bulldozers, scissor lifts, diggers, dump trucks, firetrucks and other equipment in an effort to encourage their curiosity about the construction and other trades.

Making Wishes Come True

Corna Kokosing and Kokosing Industrial partnered with Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana to help make Trevor’s wish of being a construction worker come true. Trevor and his little brother Riley along with their parents spent the day visiting Corna Kokosing’s mill shop where they made their very own toolboxes and other jobsites in the areas.

Earth Day & Community Cleanup

Corna Kokosing team members helped reduce our footprint by regularly cleaning up the bike trails and community parks on a regular basis.

We give back because it benefits everyone.