Who We Hire

Skilled Professionals

We are comprised of a wide variety of professionals ranging from project managers, project engineers, estimators and superintendents. These team members support the clients we serve and the operations of the organization.

Skilled Trades

Our skilled trades people are a key component of our team. They put work in place and include carpenters, iron workers and laborers.

Support Staff

With team members ranging in areas of focus from marketing, accounting, administration, human resources, and safety, these associates serve the organizational needs of our company.


Our award winning in-house apprenticeship program is one of only a few programs in the state of Ohio where you can earn college credit.


We visit various college campuses throughout the year to meet the best and brightest students who want to focus their career in the construction industry. Each semester we hire interns/co-ops to focus on one of three areas: project engineer, estimating, or superintendent.

Our success is a direct result of hard work and dedication.

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Learn from the best.


Do you have a desire to enter the exciting and rewarding world of construction? Our award winning in-house apprenticeship program is one of only a few programs in the state of Ohio where you can earn college credit.

What is an Apprenticeship?

Relationship between an employer and employee during which time the associate (apprentice) learns a specific trade. This includes both on-the-job training and classroom instruction. During this time, the apprentice works with experienced workers known as journeyperson.

Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship program, each apprentice obtains the status of a journeyperson and receives a journeyperson’s certificate.

Apprenticeship Trades

  • Carpentry, 4 year program
  • Construction Craft Labor, 2 year program
  • Ironworking, 3 year program

College Credit

Upon completion of the apprenticeship program, each apprentice will have accumulated up to 15 quarter hours toward a Construction Management degree through a reciprocating agreement with Columbus State Community College. Courses taken include Safety and Loss Prevention, Construction Methods, Construction Materials and Construction Drawings. These courses are a requirement of the apprenticeship program.


  • 10 hour OSHA Certification
  • First Aid/CPR Certification
  • State of Ohio Journeyperson’s Certification
  • Certificate of Completion

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College Recruitment & Career Fairs

Corna Kokosing is on the move visiting various college campuses throughout the Midwest looking for the best and brightest individuals interested in a career in the construction industry.

Internships and Co-Ops

Not all construction companies are the same, not all internships are either. At Corna Kokosing we provide opportunities for associates to grow professionally while working with a brand built on Integrity, Quality and Commitment. Interested in joining our organization to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to hand-on experience as an Intern/Co-Op? We’d like to help you. We offer three different areas of focus for Internship/Co-Ops: Project Engineer, Estimating and Superintendent. Each Intern/Co-Op is paired with a team member who will serve as your mentor during the course of your work with Corna Kokosing.

For more information on college recruitment, check out our LinkedIn page!

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Typically, Corna Kokosing recruits candidates who are pursuing degrees in civil engineering and/or construction management.

We visit colleges and universities each fall and publish those school names on our website as well as on the school’s career page. If we come to your campus, drop by our booth and introduce yourself. Be sure to bring a copy of your resume and be prepared to tell us what you’re studying, your prior co-ops, why Corna Kokosing is of interest to you, and your career aspirations. If we aren’t visiting your school, please visit the career page on this website and apply for a co-op/internship under those listed that match your major.

After we visit colleges and universities each fall we review resumes, along with those submitted electronically or via our website, and select candidates that we’d like to talk with further. We make phone calls, set-up either in-person or Skype interviews, and connect. From the students we talk to, we make decisions about who we’d like to have join us a co-op/intern and make offers for employment.

Yes. Our team members take pride in sharing information and teaching co-ops and interns. We also get together with our co-ops and interns, do outings, talk about what they’ve learned, and share ideas.

It depends on the position. Our co-ops and interns who are focused on estimating, business development, and finance will typically work from the office while our co-op project engineers and superintendents will often travel to the job sites that they are assigned on a regular basis.

We invest in our co-ops and interns and hope that investment pays off for you and us. We create opportunities and you get the chance to show us you are ambitious, capable, and have the qualities we look for in our full-time team members.