New Albany-Plain Local Schools


New Albany-Plain Local School District


New Albany, Ohio


Moody Nolan


The new building is a two-story, 150,000 SF, flexible academic space that supports a student-centered learning environment. The academic building is divided into four ‘learning communities’ with a central academic core on each level. A separate structure, connected to the academic building, houses a wellness center with pre-function space. Unique features include STEM labs with movable walls to accommodate various size group learning; commons for large-group activities; teaching studios with movable walls; small-group collaboration rooms; presentation labs; performance labs; wet labs; ‘messy’ labs; and outdoor learning spaces.

Time lapse video shows the school go up right before your eyes.

The knowledge, expertise, and care demonstrated daily allowed high-quality relationships to form. Your colleagues worked diligently and patiently to exceed our expectations daily in an effort to meet the teaching and learning needs of over 1,000 students and 150 staff members that now occupy an incredible learning space on our school campus. Together, we transformed learning space on our school campus to better meet the future learning styles and needs of students for generations to come.

New Albany Plain Local School District Owner Team–Superintendent April Domine, CFO Rebecca Jenkins, Chief of Operations & Strategic Development Michael Sawyers

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